Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Do Not Question The Dems Patriotism

John Hickenlooper is the Democrat Mayor of Denver, the host city for the Democratic National Convention this year. Remember him? He's the guy who is making a 'green' convention (and running up a huge bill, according to all accounts I've read), and telling the convention-goers what they can eat. He also said green living was 'the new patriotism.'

So I'm sure it's a shock that this was what replaced the National Anthem at his "State of the City" address recently. I just saw this on Fox, and just pulled it up on Youtube.

The Black National Anthem (which is the song's title) starts at about two minutes. I do so love it when Dems wonder why we question their allegiance to this country. The Pledge right before it makes it even more jarring to me.

Edited for the wrong link. My bad, dawg.

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