Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cue Nash, Defending Whiplash

Far be it from anyone to ask Congressman Whiplash to, I don't know, put his money where his mouth is on energy. You can't blame Iraq forever, and you can't run on a phantom record when you're the incumbent. Eventually, people are going to look for more results than faxed statements from Baghdad and you pointing out that you're not living in the Memphis suburbs.

It's such a shame that President Bush wasn't calling for more drilling eight years ago when running for president the first time. Oh, nuts, he was, wasn't he? And it's too bad that drilling in ANWR has been verboten to the Democratic party ever since they allied themselves with the enviro-wacky left in the late '60s. Face it, Jere, to you, the price of gas is a political issue. It's something you can use to hammer the incumbent party, and you know that your coalition doesn't give a damn, because the Obamessiah only thinks it's a problem that gas went up too fast and The Al Gore thinks that higher gas prices are just great (just read his book!) because it'll save the world. To me, it's a real problem-I don't have people lining up bundling millions of dollars for my travel expenses.

I laugh at Nash sometimes. It's like he fell asleep in 1999 and woke up in 2007. I laugh at his and Hampton's complete ignorance of the principles of supply (which we don't have enough of) and demand (of which there is a great increase due to the developing world). And I laugh at all the 'well, it'll be five years' talk when drilling comes up-because if we'd done it eight years ago, we might not be in this situation!

Edited to add: All of a sudden, "War for Oil" doesn't sound so bad, doesn't it?

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