Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I Give It A...Ten! A Ten! A F&%#ing Ten!

Number ten comes in today, with Virginia's Junior Senator, former Secretary of the Navy, author, proud Scots-Irishman, and guy who once said he'd like to "punch out" the President, James Webb, stating that Senator McCain needs to 'calm down' his rhetoric on Iraq, saying he implies that the military agrees with his views on issues because he was a military man.

Much like the "100 years of war" non-comment, this is Webb pulling things out of the aether, as McCain has never said such, and of course, it's attempt number ten to criticize McCain's service, though just a little more gently (surprising, coming from a hothead like Webb). Naturally, the argument rings false, since Webb ran on his military record in Viet Nam, his time as NavSec, and his son being in Iraq, when running against George Allen in 2006 (or, perhaps people need a reminder of his Webb-given name, Felix W. Macacawitz).

A review: Military service, ok, when a Democrat is running (Webb, Kerry, etc); bad and dangerous when a Republican is running.

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