Monday, April 28, 2008

Once Again...

Hampton doesn't get it.

Yeah, voter ID is terrible. Horrible, even racist...simply to make sure that the ballot box has integrity?

I know. Here's an idea. Let's let NBA referees determine exactly when the 3 point line begins. They don't need the stripe. Maybe NFL officials should decide how many points a touchdown is worth-six is just arbitrary. I know-let's let an umpire give a batter an extra strike or two, why stop at three when we're having so much fun?

As Carville would say if he could speak English: It's the integrity of elections, stupid!

Edited to Add: Why the snide remarks about the Bush court? Seriously, when FDR, Truman, Kennedy and Johnson were putting a bunch of guys on the court who were there pretty much to make stuff up as they went along, were you complaining? I hate to remind you Davy, but...that's why elections-fair elections-matter!

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