Monday, April 28, 2008

The Rope-A-Dope

The Rope-a-dope is, of course, Muhammad Ali's famous strategy to let someone beat the crap out of him, wear themselves out, and then allow him to knock them silly.

And Barry Messiah has been setting us up for one all weekend.

This weekend, his pastor insulted the military ad nauseum. He made insane statements, comparing the US to al Qaeda. He did this, of course, live on CNN. This, of course, is the set-up.

Soon, Barry Messiah is going to start punching. He's going to abandon Wright, and the overly-enthusiastic crowd that supports the reverend, publicly and loudly. And that's going to be his Sister Souljah moment (you remember, when Clinton threw a vulgar rapper under the bus back in the mid-90s). And everyone will love him and he'll ride into Jerusalem, I mean Washington, on a donkey while they throw palm fronds in front of him.

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