Sunday, November 11, 2007

Money...It's A Gas

So, let's review: It wasn't a campaign that highlighted its biggest weakness (the candidate) that doomed Mr. Franks. It wasn't a strong opponent with bigger name recognition. It wasn't a backbenching record and crackpot claims. It was money.

Yes, the same stacks of small green rectangles that saved Mr. Franks' hide in 2003 was the silver bullet that put him in the political grave in 2007. Remember, this is a guy who outspent his opponent 4-1 in 2003. He had radio spots and a small TV run and plenty of ads in the newspapers. It just wasn't fair that he ran up against someone with more of it.

Here's the lesson: When he's not outspending you 4-1, Mr. Franks isn't as formidable an opponent.

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