Wednesday, November 7, 2007

'Scuse me while I whip this out...

But here's a few breakdowns courtesy of the state of Mississippi:

Phil Bryant: 416,211 (59%)
Jamie Franks: 292,443 (41%)

Lee County (Mr. Franks' home county)
Bryant 10,596 (52%)
Franks 9,766 (48%)

Itawamba County (largest # of precincts in Mr. Franks' district)
Bryant 3172 (46%)
Franks 3794 (54%)

Tishomingo County (several precincts currently and formerly represented by Mr. Franks)
Bryant 3122 (51%)
Franks 2998 (49%)

Alcorn County (Corinth) Bryant 51-49
Clay (West Point) Franks 54-46
Calhoun (Bruce, Vardaman, Calhoun City) Bryant 57-43
Lafayette (Oxford) Bryant 62-38
Marshall (Holly Springs) Franks 54-46
Monroe (Amory, Aberdeen) Bryant 53-47
Oktibbeha (Starkville) Bryant 56-44
Panola (Batesville) Bryant 54-46
Pontotoc (Pontotoc) Bryant 55-45
Tippah (Ripley) Bryant 55-45
Union (New Albany) Bryant 55-45
Winston (Louisville) Bryant 67-33
Yalobusha (Water Valley) Bryant 53-47
Benton (Ashland) Franks 56-44
Chickasaw (Houston, Okolona) Franks 56-44
Prentiss (Booneville) Franks 54-46

Those counties make up the 'heart' of the 'Yellow Dog' country, the counties most likely to be served by 'populist firebrands' and 'champions of the little man.' These were supposed to be the strength of the Franks campaign, and, as you can see, were largely taken by Bryant. I guess the folks that knew Mr. Franks best didn't want to see him advance his career.

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