Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Weep for the Candidate

Seriously, Jamie Franks Jr. is crying because Phil Bryant is mean? Jamie Franks Jr. is one of the dirtiest campaigners in this state. He's stolen campaign signs and burned them-just ask his first opponent (the man he once so ironically told people didn't need to be elected because "we don't need another lawyer in Jackson"). He and his cronies have spread vicious rumors about his opponents in other races-just ask Mark Duvall, who was called a homosexual. How about Jeremy Martin, who was blackballed from Lee County schools, called a phony teacher, and ended up in jail? Oh, yeah-Mr. Franks doesn't know anything about that.

I weep for him as he stands on the steps of his church-that's the one that he got his morals from, not the national Democrat or Republican party, mind you-and says Mean ole Phil is going negative. Never mind he swore through one of his schills that he'd never go negative, then threw the first dirt.

And that church? It preaches against alcohol and against gambling. It's where he got his morals from, if you'll remember. Yet the candidate didn't refuse thousands from beer companies and the gaming industry. But I guess they granted him a special exemption or something from his moral obligations on those issues.

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