Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Best Thing About Religious Freedom Bill?

Boy, has it let the Clarion-Ledger (and its smaller cousins throughout the state) signal its virtue.

From Pender (Cue old man voice-"Why aren't they trying to fix jobs and education!") to the 50 op-eds they've run each day (IT'S SHARIA LAW YA'LL!!!), you'd think this was the only thing that the legislature did this year. That's not counting the fact that the only person who's even told you exactly what the bill does is Forest Thingpen.  Same thing in North Carolina with the bathroom bill.

Of course, the front page of the CL this morning without the RF bill?

Armed Robbery in Jackson.
Violence against Hispanics increasing ("group claims," which means its probably due to the number of Hispanics increasing, but don't let simple logic get in your way)
Confederate Flag lawsuit (sorry guys, they can only be outraged by one thing at a time)
Shea Patterson
Sentencing in the Epps/McCrory scheme
Calhoun County inmate without trial

Oh, and there's a special feature on...the Clarion-Ledger staff. Cause any reporter's favorite subject to cover is themselves.  I guess when you spend most of your day looking down the nose of the rest of the state (and make no mistake about it, there are two reasons the CL is all-HB1523, all the time:  the first is that it's useful propaganda by their political wing, the Democratic party, and the second is they get to show they're not like those people to their friends on the stenography circuit) while your circulation is circling the drain, you have to make it seem that you love this state and you just want to see it succeed.  After all, they live in Jackson-where there are daily sinkholes, and they can't pave the streets properly, and did I mention it's one of the ten most dangerous cities in the US...shouldn't we all want success like that?

They don't want it to succeed.  If Mississippi succeeds, that means that you horrible bigots are succeeding.  They are actually enjoying writing about you trashy hillbillies. Secretly, in the places they don't like to talk about at cocktail parties, they love that we've passed a religious freedom bill.  After all, they've got to feel superior to someone.  

(A note-probably too late-is that the bill is flawed, but I've truly enjoyed the insanity its put on the left.  After all, now Bryan Adams has to answer why he played Egypt and Dubai-who aren't gay friendly-but won't play Biloxi.  Oh, wait, he won't.  That requires more than stenography skills.)

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