Sunday, October 25, 2015

I should add this on 42...

When you look at the people who are the press flacks and go-to folks for journalists regarding 42, who are the names that come up?

Jonathan Compretta-who I'm sure is in no way related to the family of Democrats in Bay St. Louis.
Patsy Brumfield-former Daily Journal staffer.

Yeah, I'm sure this isn't partisan, and there's no way that journalists would ever give the benefit of the doubt to other journalists.  Makes you wonder how unbiased our media really is.  At least give us a disclaimer, like you do when you make sure to note that Jim Barksdale is a Republican (though he did use Bill Clinton's Justice Department to go after Microsoft while he was CEO of Netscape, has made numerous contributions to Democrats, and the only first-page Google result for his party affiliation uses liberal publication Mother Jones as a source).

See, some background information might be useful to voters.  If only we had an honest press that wasn't intertwined with political interests.

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