Sunday, October 25, 2015

A Final 42 Thought

Exactly how many Mississippians is 200,000?

It's 6.8% of Mississippi's approximate population.

It's fewer people than voted for Johnny Dupree in 2011 in the general, and slightly more than voted for either he or Bill Luckett in the 2011 Democrat Primary or Runoff.

It's smaller than the population of Hinds County, and slightly more than the population of Harrison County.

It's roughly the number of Methodists in the state.  There are about a million Baptists, by the way.

So when they tell you it's a big number, it is.  It's just not as big a number as you think.  It's an old advertising trick, and a good one.  Plus I doubt many of them signed anything more deeply described than "More Money For Education!"

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