Friday, July 10, 2015

Ain't this Interesting?

Hood's Google Fishing Expedition

Does it surprise anyone that Samson is greasing the palms of his buddies, and doing the bidding of a powerful interest?

It works out for everyone:  Mike Moore gets paid, the MPAA gets to take Google down a peg, Jim Hood gets to run against a Corporation (that just happens to have all your search records) win right?  I'm sure when the campaign finance reports come down, there will be no money donated from MPAA types to Hood.

Speaking of which, has anyone noticed the Jim Hood pattern?  He's against cybercrime, he's against exploiting children, he's against abusing drugs...

Is there anyone out there who's actually FOR THOSE THINGS?  Other than criminals?  It's subtle, but the "If you're against Jim Hood, you're for all kinds of bad things" vibe is real.  

I expect this to be covered extensively by the relevant newspapers in Mississippi.*

* sarcasm.

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