Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Long Time Ago...

Sorry for the (years) of inactivity of late.  Life sometimes gets in the way and all that.

Since every politician in the state is about to have to go on record pro or against the state flag (or, as former Democrat operative Sam Hall is running the show at the CL now, every Republican will-Jim Hood gets away with "What Would Jesus Do?, and I assume the answer that He's given to Samson is "Sue 'em."), will our own inspiration, the Golden Boy himself, have to announce his position on the flag?  After all, he was INSTRUMENTAL in the 2001 flag election, as a DEFENDER of our CULTCHA AND HE'TAGE YALL.

Oh, is this the part where I remind you that it was central to his 2003 re-election radio commercials?  I remember sitting in the parking lot of Barnes Crossing laughing at his shtick.

I don't expect the Clarion-Ledger or the Daily Journal to ring him up.  It would be embarrassing, after all, for Mr. Hall, who worked with him just a few short years ago (and who curiously omits this from his biography), to admit he associates with people who held these beliefs.

I'm ambivalent to the issue myself, and I'm not picking this hill to die on.  Do it or don't, just don't drag it out for 15 months and cause more problems than you solve (you know, like in 2001...when the Golden Boy was INSTRUMENTAL in having the multi-million dollar one day standalone election).  I just find the rank hypocrisy too much to be silent on, as I remember how civil the state's press was the last go-round to people who disagreed with them.  

Go ahead.  Make that phone call.  Text.  Tweet.  You know you want to.


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