Saturday, April 11, 2009

Momma Always Said There'd Be Days Like These

I have watched the ongoing circus that the Democrat Party has engaged in the last few weeks with the kind of morbid curiosity that you might have when passing a particularly nasty looking wreck on the highway. And I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Putting aside the absurdity of racial, gender, and various other set-asides, the fact that they allowed themselves to get into this situation is proof enough that the entire carload lot of the Democrat party in this state isn't fit to run itself, much less steer the ship of state. When you have the trifecta of the somewhat combative Golden Boy (which is kind of like saying that a lion will kind of eat you), the perpetually nutty Barbara Blackmon, and the criminally corrupt Ike Brown anywhere in the leadership apparatus of the party, how do you not see this train wreck coming?

Really, was Sam Hall (and I Hate You One and All, Damn Your Eyes!) the hill they wanted to die on?

Like I said, how do you not see this coming? Jamie Franks' friends couldn't fill up a phone booth, mostly because he's threatened to whip every ass between Mooreville and Fondren. People who vote for him tend to not know him. Barbara Blackmon's run for Lt. Governor was frought with strangeness, and Ike Brown is a racialist criminal. Only a nut would want to make a cocktail with those ingredients.

Then again, look who we're talking about.

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