Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wait A Minute!

So the Democrat party in this state elected Jamie Franks Jr. to run it last year...and now he needs help?

I thought that he was one of the Great Minds of Our State, having authored every bill to come down the pike since being handed, I mean, elected to, his seat years ago! Surely he doesn't need help. After all, the only reason he lost the Lt. Governor's race last year is because Lloyd Gray, Davy Hampton, and Bobby Harrison all didn't give him enough love in print.

Don't you all remember the Democratic hosannas that were headed his way when elected? Remember the One himself saying that Mississippi could be a Democrat state again? I do. I guess he just needed somebody smarter to pull it off.

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Ron Russell said...

Growing up as a youngster in southwest Mississippi all the adults I knew were Demos. The lingering effects of radical Republican reconstruction were not just bad memories but much more to most people. I suppose it was in 1964 that I became a Republican and supported Goldwater. Now that was a Barry you could count on. I remember his quote, "moderation in pursuit of justice is no virtue and extremism in defense of liberty is no vice". That has stayed with me over the years. And those who are currently calling on the Republicans to become more of a so-called big tent party make be sick. The strength of the party is the base and the underlying values they represent. The center can come along, as they will have no other place to go with the radical Demos. controlling every move of their party.

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