Sunday, February 15, 2009

How To Spend A Trillion Dollars Without Really Trying

Little known fact: You could spend a million dollars a day every day from the birth of Christ til today and not spend as much money as Barry Messiah, Nan From San Fran, and Dingy Harry managed to cram through in two days.

The laundry list of problems I have with it is, of course, about as long as our President is on promise (though it would be nice if he was longer on delivery...pretty short so far). It was cobbled together in a back room filled with ideological homogenity, made unsearchable by its opponents, and was provided to the lobbyists on K Street (remember the good old days of...2008...when lobbyists were bad people? Why, even the Golden Boy himself decried lobbyists!) before it was provided to the members of Congress...

And of course, the awesomeness of it being passed at the start of tax season.

Never mind, too, that its short on actually creating jobs (oh, wait, we've morphed that into "save or create jobs!" so that all of the 500 million people who are losing their jobs this month according to the Speaker can be grateful to the government). Never mind that its short on the promised infrastructure improvements, or the technological upgrades, and that welfare as we knew it is back, baby. But its ok, we're told: Something had to be done, and this is definitely something!

Then again, so is a big, steaming pile of cow dung.

You know, General Patton once said that a good plan executed right now is better than a great plan executed 15 minutes from now. I get the feeling that General Patton wouldn't have thought all those millions for a mouse was a good plan for saving jobs, however.

Hope and Change, people. You are the ones we've been waiting for. Blah blah blah. Anybody out there ever heard the phrase "buyer's remorse?" Look it up, Oh Followers of the One. As for me, I think I have said caveat emptor once or twice.

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