Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Congratulations Pittsburgh Steelers....

You get to do what every team dreamed about in the heat of July and August, the pinnacle of your profession. Nay, the pinnacle of the human experience. It might be the greatest feeling in the world. All the hours of film study, the grueling sprints, the aching arms after lifting weights, the blood spilled in the trenches, and the long hours recovering....

You get to meet Barack Obama!

Yeah, he wasn't president yet when you got to camp, or when you signed your contract. But despite the fact that you are paid well for playing a game (in fact, even the lowest paid member of the team makes more than Barry), and that you are living out your lifelong dream of playing in the NFL and being part of its best team, the real highlight of the long, grueling, 20-week NFL season is that sometime in the summer, you will get an audience with the One. Perhaps he will even shake your hand! Its enough to send a tingle up your leg a la Chris Matthews.

Thank you,, for giving us this great insight into the mental workings of a 10-year-old girl with her first crush.

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