Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Have Learned So Much Today

Today, I learned that it's ok to be proud of your country.

How do I know this? ESPN is covering the inauguration. As you know, Constant Readers, I just loooove when the Worldwide Brainwasher gets into the political arena. I love it as much as I love mixing wine with beer. Interviews abound!

But hey, everything is now ok. America is good again! You can wave a flag that's not upside down! Hollywood can once again make movies about how good Americans are! George Clooney can play a government operative who isn't a slimeball! The world loves us again! The president likes sports! HE'S JUST LIKE YOU AND ME!

(On the last one: Rome, you're a dummy. "How nice is it to have a president who is a sports fan in office?" Um, did you forget the years that GWB OWNED the Texas Rangers? How about Bill Clinton's numerous bits on your own network about his love for sports, especially pickup basketball? What about college baseball player George H. W. Bush? Or former college football players Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and John Kennedy? What about former All-American football player Gerald Ford? High school basketball star Jimmy Carter? How many presidents aren't sports fans? The fellatio has reached a new level of stupidity.)

Worship and adore him.

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