Monday, December 15, 2008

Hold the Mayo...And the BS

It is an article of faith amongst the Democrat party that the Republican party only wins elections when it scares people. Recent blogging by Rep. John Mayo merely confirms this. In his Clarion-Ledger blog recently he posted that the Republican party only wins by fear: Fear of gays (someone tell him about his state party chairman's stance on Liberace and Elton John), fear of terrorism (yeah, because we all just collectively dreamt what happened in Mumbai recently), fear of abortionists (because the only people who should fear them haven't been born yet!), you get it.

Never mind a couple of things:

1) Democrats have maintained consitutencies through fear for ages. To the old, they tell them that their Social Security will be confiscated by Mitch McConnell and John Boehner. To the minority, they talk about losing voting rights and priviledges. To women, they prey on the fear of men doing icky things to their women parts. To the young, they tell them to fear they'll be forced to war.

2) Most of these 'fears' aren't founded in boogeyman superstition and bumps in the night. The fears are rooted in a group of people who seek to change the very structure and foundation of our culture and society. People aren't concerned about an abstract thing called terrorism (mostly because for the last 7 1/2 years some of us have actually been concerned about it, unlike, apparently, Rep. Mayo). We watched as an entire city was held hostage by willful, brutish men not two weeks ago. I'm not afraid of an idea, sir, I am afraid of people acting out that idea. The same for the cultural, moral, and ethical questions about abortion.

I'm sure Rep. Mayo would enjoy telling his constituents (who, after all, are the same clingy bitter people his presidential candidate pontificated on several months ago) how they're so stupid as to keep falling for professional liars and cheats. I mean, what kind of idiot would those people elect?

Oh, wait.

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