Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Blago Going Down

UPDATE: It seems (thanks to the fine folks at NRO for pointing this out) that unlike Mississippi, there is no law in Illinios preventing the governor from running the state from outside of it. So Blago could skip off to Rio and still legally appoint Barry's successor.

I'm not going to attempt to spell the Governor of Illinois' name.

But here we are a month and change (change hope change!) from the election, and one thing has stayed constant: Illinois politicians going to prison.

Oh sure, Blago isn't convicted yet, but its about as open-and-shut as Charles Manson's case. Add to it the fact that the President-Elect's senate seat was for sale, with a cast of thousands participating (including Jesse Jackson, Jr and Emil Jones, the political benefactor of a certain former Illinois state senator), the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Tribune, the team's parent company, the promise of being named a Cabinet secretary, and the shaking down of a Children's Hospital (but its for the children!), and this is wonderful political theatre.

Barry Messiah, President-Elect, calls it saddening. Yeah, pretty sad that a good friend of yours goes down after calling you everything but a child of God while trying to auction off your old job for six- and seven-figures. I mean, can he not muster righteous indignation when he realizes he's been duped by Blago? And being called a...well, come on. You can get pissed. Nobody will blame you.

Patrick Fitzgerald, when can you get to Jackson? It seems we need someone who'll actually investigate corruption from public officials, and how they shake down folks for money. I can think of someone who'd hate to say "Hello, Darlin'" to you.

People wondered why he kept appointing Clintonites for Cabinet posts. They're choirboys compared to the cesspool of Chicago politics...the one that Barry Obama, President-Elect, emerged from.

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