Monday, November 3, 2008

Normally, This Is Where They Plead With You To Vote...

...for someone, anyone. I don't want to insult your intelligence by saying that. You know from a quick scan down the page my opinion on the election.

Plain and simple, Barack Obama is exactly the wrong man.

From his tax plan that doesn't make any sense if you actually pay attention to it (because its not a tax increase if we just let the tax cuts expire!), to his left-wing judicial philosophy, to his seeming lack of concern about the threat of Islamic extremism, to his pie-in-the-sky plans to spend every dollar he can get his hands on, he's a nightmare candidate.

Let's not even touch on the cult-like devotion, the egocentrism, the Great Seal of Obamaland, et al.

John McCain isn't perfect. But I can guarantee you that spending won't go through the roof, that judges won't be making stuff up on the fly, and that the mullahs will be scared every time he gets on TV.

In a time full of uncertainty, it is not the time to be giving the Big Job to a guy whose main qualification for the office is that he speaks well.

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