Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Must Be Experiencing What They Call A Disconnect

Let me see if I understand this correctly after reading this morning's Clarion-Ledger story on potential voting problems.

Jamie Franks Jr, the Golden Boy himself, spent twelve years in the state legislature. During that time, he was responsible, according to him, for everything that came down the pike. But during this time, he never once thought about working on the labyrinth that is our state elections system?

Per Chairman Jamie this morning:

"The cavalcade of confusing and conflicting statements from state officials would baffle every lawyer from Matlock to Perry Mason and could lead to a frustrating experience Tuesday for many Mississippi voters," said Jamie Franks, chairman of the state Democratic Party.

Twelve years in public office, ladies and gentlemen, and this year it became a problem.

Remember that post I made about the Democrat strategy for Mississippi this year? That quote is the first shot being fired. The ground is being prepared to lay every bit of the blame on Secretary of State Hosemann when the whole thing plays out Tuesday. Let's be 100% clear: the "state officials" are all going to be in the Secretary of State's office, not the AG's. The prediction of a "frustrating experience...for many Mississippi voters" probably won't apply in Madison, Rankin, or DeSoto counties.

I called it last week. This is the shot across the bow by the Golden Boy.

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