Sunday, September 7, 2008

Its True: Barry Has Learned From Clinton

Barry told us earlier in the week, when describing how tough he was to subsist on hotel food for eighteen months, that because he'd gone up against Hilary Clinton in the primaries, that he was experienced.

And apparently he's learned from Hil-Rod, who once claimed to have inquired about joining the Marines in her youth (I hear you laughing out there. C'mon, she was serious! Honest!). The Messiah told George Steph today that he thought about joining the military in his youth.

(This is also the same interview where he talked about his "Muslim faith." Way to stop those secret Muslim rumors, Barry. I'm waiting for the inevitable blaming of the campaign staffer.)

I'd make a joke about the Clintons teaching him how to break his political opponents legs, like his surrogates have tried to do to Governor Palin, but he is tied up with those savery Chicago characters like Tony Rezko, Saddam's cousin, the Ayers-Dorhn clan, and the cast of thousands that is his church. He didn't need the Clintons to learn how to be a legbreaker.

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