Saturday, July 12, 2008

What He Doesn't Say

You will note that instead of saying one time that we might need to drill for a little of our own domestic oil, Rep. Whiplash says that we need to regulate, investigate, and keep throwing away money on ethanol (which has made food prices go up). Notice he never says anything, either, about importing Brazilian sugar-based ethanol (which is ready to go RIGHT NOW, though limited by law to 7% of our ethanol imports) and will not raise the price of food at all, since sugar isn't as necessary an ingredient in making bread, or in feeding livestock.

Plus it can be made in Louisiana and Florida. That's good for our fellow southern states.

But I'm just an ignorant Mississippi Redneck, who doesn't have a bunch of San Francisco liberals telling me what to say. I certainly don't understand that increasing supply to meet demand makes markets stable or anything like that.

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