Saturday, July 12, 2008

Happy Days Are Here Again!

I look forward to many cussings, threats of ass-whippings, lawsuits, accusations of homosexuality, claims of grandeur, bravado, whispered uses of the N-word, and general inaction for the next four years. I guess this blows the entire "friend of the working man, 'cause that's what I am" line out of the water-with this, the Golden Boy is now officially a professional politician (of course, he's been one since he was 21 years old, but there have been some folks who have held out under the belief that he was interested in public service as opposed to self-service).

On the other hand, he can't run against the Jackson...ahem, in a more polite term...Democrats anymore, since this probably officially makes him one.

Thank you, Mississippi Democratic Party.

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