Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Seven Eleven

Joe "7-11" Biden becomes the latest Democrat to stick his foot in his mouth over national security (hint, boys and girls: You aren't going to win on the issue. Please continue to try to use it, though. It's funny to me when you try). The quote, as provided by ABC News:

“If John (McCain) wants to know where the bad guys live, come back with me to Afghanistan. We know where they reside. And it's not in Iraq.”

I just love it when our troops in Iraq aren't facing real bad guys. This of course ignores the fact that al-Qaeda believes that Iraq is the central front in the war. I realize that the Democratic fetish has turned from Iraq-as-Vietnam to Iraq-is-over-now-to-Afghanistan. But the situation is still fragile, and could be reversed rather quickly. It's a shame that in a rush to get past Iraq (which has become a loser position for them) the Dems have shifted to this mode.

To deny that Iraq is pacified is illogical; and to deny the fact that there are still Baathists, insurgents, and al-Qaeda there is even more so.

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