Thursday, July 24, 2008

Future Obama Speech Sites

Since he's gone to Berlin to speak, like Kennedy and Reagan before him, here are a couple more ideas for potential speech sites for co-opting by Barry the Bus-Drivin' Messiah:

Philadelphia, Independence Hall-standing where Jefferson, Adams, Hancock and Lee read the Declaration of Independence for the first time.

Valley Forge-spend a night camping where Washington and the Continental Army spent a winter, then speech.

Gettysburg-give a speech at the Cemetary, just like Lincoln.

Cooper Union-give another speech, just like Lincoln, this one in New York.

Lincoln Memorial-give speech, just like MLK.

Memphis-another MLK speech.

Arizona Memorial-speech, just like FDR on Pearl Harbor.

Shiloh-maybe by the Hornet's Nest, or Bloody Pond.

Alamo-maybe a speech about standing your ground.

Neshoba Fairgrounds-it'll be great-except all the Democrats will hide when you show up.

A small mount in Israel-since you are the secular Messiah, after all.

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