Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Few Years Ago In National Review

They ran this cover story on The Screamer:

Today, I ask you, members of the Mississippi Democratic Executive Committee:

Please nominate this man.

Nothing would do my heart more good than to see Jamie Franks Jr. made the head of the Mississippi Democratic Party. I've really felt so bad for the Golden Boy since he was walloped to the tune of 59-41 in the election last fall. There's only so much a man can do with a huge house and lots of money in the bank. And let's face it, the man's had little to do since tort reform made his life a lot less cluttered with frivolous lawsuits.

So please, Dems, put this man in charge of your party. Sure, I hear you out there now, Jere Nash: The guy screams at people. He collects enemies like Tom Brady collects hot women. He's supposedly pro-life (though c'mon, Jere, you know he's never really done anything that's even remotely pro-life other than fill out a few questionnaires). He ran once as a 'defender of our culture and heritage' and championed spending $14 million on a special flag election. He can't win without 4-1spending advantages or being handed a seat. And he has a political tin ear. You know what I say, Jere?

So what?

Give the Golden Boy another chance. After all, what other unaccomplished state legislators are putting in for the job? And hey, how much fun are we here at the Spot gonna have for four years? After all, his campaign for Lt. Governor was our original raison d'etre. It's a win-win for everybody, Jere.

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