Sunday, June 22, 2008

Barry Messiah-the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Have you seen this?

Next, he gets a chariot for when he goes to a new town:

'Cause it was so cool when Joaquin Phoenix got one in Gladiator.

Maybe after that, he'll get some images of himself that are pretty flattering and make him look like a strong head of state.

Of course, the strong leader look has its drawbacks. Like the association with the official art of communist dictatorships.

Or maybe you want to go a little more toward the religious type.

I dunno. This one kind of makes him look like Aquaman. And you don't wanna look like Aquaman.

Maybe he needs to look like a stronger, tougher superhero.

Then again, Superman is an alien. And that's probably not a good idea when you've been, you know, educated in a Muslim school. On the bright side, he's already promised to save the world by making the oceans recede.

The point is this: The Obama campaign has almost come to believe that their guy is the Secular Messiah, that anything he does will sweep the American electorate off their feet, and they'll love him 'cause he talks pretty. No matter what silly things he says, no matter how many times he backtracks, no matter how much double-think has to be required to believe him (Iran a threat/Iran not a threat). The public will love him because he has come to save us from ourselves.

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