Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All The News Not Fit to Mention

The Beef Plant Fiasco is back...again. But you'd never know it reading articles by our alleged pre-eminent editorial writers. Hampton wants to dwell on how magical Barry Messiah is, or how the governor and his 'minions' are out to get us all. For all I know Sid Salter has an article in the works but right now all he wants to talk about is Medicaid and the death of George Carlin, with an occasional Samson reference thrown in because somebody sent a mean e-mail. Others talk of a conspiracy between the GOP and Big Tobacco to destroy southern Democrats (funny, since most of them tend to be able to screw things up on their own without any help from others)

(And as an aside, how come nobody ever writes an article about how the Democrats and Big Hollywood have teamed up to make propaganda films for the last seven years or so? And has anyone noticed that almost all of them are box office bombs? It was so bad that when Lions for Lambs came to DVD, the tv trailer suddenly went from 'anti-war conspiracy film' to 'leave no man behind.')

Yet none of them are writing about Monty Rushgrove taking money from the Beef Plant Braintrust. Maybe they think it's old news, but fresh indictments in the case demand that the issue be covered, and questions be asked, especially the new 'money pit' revelation. But hey, it's a Democratic year-who are they to interfere in the political process?

It took two months on this blog last year for anyone in the state media to bring up one of the most shameful acts of political retribution in recent memory to be brought up by Salter-the Jeremy Martin railroading was brought up on his blog, one time, almost as a throwaway. Instead of asking tough questions to Samson and the Golden Boy-and maybe asking a few people who sat near Mr. Franks in the House exactly what was said in a couple of early-January 2004 telephone calls-there was one blog post. The Beef Plant is just as bad and it continues to get worse as more and more figures go down. I guess when you're mourning George Carlin, though, it's tough to get around to that kind of thing.

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