Monday, May 5, 2008

It Occurs to Me After Watching BSG Last Night

That Gaius Baltar is Barry Messiah.

The series' villain that you enjoy hating (and I mean that in the best possible way) has a cult following. Literally. Women are swooning over him...just like Barry Messiah.

Last week Baltar gave a speech that was so empty that it had to be a riff on Barry Messiah's typical shapeless, formless air that is recycled self-help crap designed to make people feel better.

"The truth is, we're all perfect. Just as we are. God only loves that which is perfect and he loves you. He loves you because you are perfect. You are perfect. Just as you are." .

“This is it....We are the ones we've been waiting for, we are the change that we seek.”

Empty. Meaningless. Self-Help. Crap.

It's not the best show on TV for nothing. I can't wait for someone to cap Baltar-it's five years overdue-and I can't wait for Barry Messiah to retire back to the Senate.

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