Friday, May 2, 2008

It Does, Apparently, Take A Weather Man

William Ayers, Senator Obama, was more than a prof who lived in your neighborhood. John Murtagh in the City Journal recalls a night when he was nine (remember, this stuff happened forty years ago, when Barry was eight).

Far from being just someone who lives in Obama's neighborhood, Ayers' home was used to launch the Obamessiah's Ministry, I mean, political career, back in the '90s. They served on the board of a charity together.

Then there's Tony Rezko, the somewhat shady developer under indictment in Chicago.

And finally, there's suspected Middle Eastern terrorist financier Rashid Khalidi.

But remember: It's not important that Senator Obama really hasn't ever accomplished anything, or that he's never really had to make a tough decision. The issue is judgement, the judgement of the Obamessiah. And the judgement of Obamessiah cannot be questioned.

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