Saturday, April 12, 2008

New From Konklusive Scotch! (A Parody)

Konklusive Scotch: Confederate Born, Confederate Bred, and When We Die, We'll Be Confederate Dead

Konklusive Scotch: General Lee Might Have Surrendered, But We Didn't!

Konklusive Scotch: Save Your Confederate Dollars Boys, The South Will Rise Again!

So you see, boys and girls, the Reconquista ad might not be the worst in recorded history, but it's up there. The shock that the Swedes had that people in the US might be offended by the suggestion that, what, a third, half of the country should be carved off was almost funny in a sad way. Imagine an ad campaign that suggested that maybe those of us who live in these parts might 'prefer the border' to look a certain way. Then imagine the panties that would get in a wad, the milk that would shoot through people's noses, the coronaries that would occur, the ink that would flow, the outrage, the threats and hyperbole and incoherent rants-and that's just in David Hampton's office. Contrast that to the politically correct silence coming from it now.

Further proof that you should think before you drink...or advertise.

The above image was taken from , a website dedicated to Company K, 10th North Carolina State Troops, Artillery.

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