Monday, April 14, 2008

Barry Messiah, Bitterness and Elitism

I guess it was bound to happen eventually. It does with anything new and shiny and eye-catching; the paint job fades on a new car, the shine goes out of a new silver ring. The same must be happening with Barry Messiah, the shining hope of the American left. We here at the Spot have talked about the little things that lead one to question the judgement of the Junior Senator from Illinois, like his interesting choice of wife (never proud of her country until now), his minister (God Damn America), and his friends (the people who bombed the Pentagon).

The latest, of course, is his equating the ownership of guns and the practicing religion with hatred, fear and other social ills. The statement is revealing, probably moreso than anything else he's said. Isn't it funny, constant readers, that the man who has made his mark by being so vague in his fine rhetorical speeches has finally told us what he really thinks...and what he thinks, is that you and me, those of us who don't live on the coasts or in a major city, are a bunch of rubes who have been duped into believing things that are contrary to our interests.

Here's the thing, Barry. My parents didn't get to travel around the world before they were old enough to drive. They didn't get to go to prep school, or take spring breaks to Pakistan. They didn't get a chance to get into Columbia, or Harvard law, or to have a nebulous career as a 'community organizer' and a million-dollar mansion. Of course, they weren't associating with Tony Rezko either, but I digress. However, just because they didn't doesn't mean they don't understand the crap that you're spewing. They understood it perfectly. I'm willing to bet that most of the folks you're talking about in Pennsylvania understand it too. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that they, since they have an actual real-life experience, understand things a lot better than Barry Messiah.

But Barry finally gave us a glimpse into the real him, I think. The man who is different, who will inspire us to change, who can heal the divisions of the past, is actually another one of the same old big-city elites who look down their noses at the people who might get their hands dirty, or who don't subscribe to the Marxist drivel that they keep peddling. Another condescending screed about how the rest of us are too stupid and scared to figure out that we're being duped.

No, Barry, we understand it perfectly here in flyover country. And we don't buy that the problem is us, that we just didn't understand what you'd said to a bunch of wine-country liberals out west. But I guess that's another insight into the character of the Son of Ann. I wonder if he understands why we might be a little upset with being called stupid.

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