Friday, March 14, 2008

To Rebut Mr. Harrison

I don't think I have to make much of a case that Intrepid Attorney General and State Rube Samson is incompetent. And it's pretty self-evident that he has picked and chosen which cases his DAs would tackle and which they wouldn't. After all, cui bono-who benefits-from his office prosecuting old civil rights cases, despite the fact that he and his predecessor ignored them for a dozen years prior? Yet there are at least three 15-year old murders in Tupelo that haven't been solved. There are 20-year old disappearances in the Delta and on the Coast that spring to mind as well. Does his pity only kick in at 25 years? 30? 40? Or is it about pandering for votes for later on? I guess there's not any percieved benefits in investigating those crimes-and certainly not as much press coverage.

What about his admission that he knew-not thought, not speculated, not assumed, but knew- there were voting irregularities in his area when he was a district attorney, yet he did nothing? What about his statement that he wasn't sure that a federal judge could rule on Mississippi law, despite 220-plus years of precedent, and that pesky Supremacy Clause that any first-year Poli Sci student knows about?

What about $14 million to his campaign donors for seven legal briefs, which were probably written by the legal profession's low men on the totem pole, clerks and paralegals? What about the lack of a bid process (which is apparently bad when Haliburton gets them, despite their being the only company in the world capable of delivering on them, but okay when he's handing them out like candy to people who are 'like family?') What about flagrantly defying an Alabama judge's orders to turn over documents basically stolen from State Farm by his pal Dickie?

And while Dickie Scruggs' plea today doesn't mean that Hood is in hot water, it certainly doesn't bode well for him, does it?

Oh, yeah, and his 'making an example' of a schoolteacher while ignoring the same thing from 91 state legislators?

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