Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Obamessiah Is Building A Religion

This is pretty good summation of the thing I've been hinting at-and others have outright said-about the Messianic streak that the Obama campaign has been heading toward. I was a fan of Cake back in the day, and the symmetry is weird when you put pictures to it.

Think about it: The religious references of others (Oprah says he's the One, after all...funny though, I thought he'd wear more leather).

He repeatedly refers to his followers being 'the ones we've been waiting for.' His followers are lemmings; they'll do anything for him. They chant his name, they chant a meaningless self-help phrase that he's taken to using. He promises peace in our time, unity-though for what purpose I don't know. He's everywhere, like a strange Santa Claus Messiah combined with Big Brother.

And let's remember, too, that there are followers of Obama who are scared to death of him being assassinated. In fact, the left has two assassination fetishes-one for Barack Obama and one for George Bush. The final act of any messiah, after all, is a martyr's death.

It's troubling, but not surprising. After all, these people are looking for something to believe in-and in a time when people believe in nothing, they seem to be willing to believe in a man who literally says nothing.

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