Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Obamessiah puts Wright to bed...right?

This stretches believability. And, it proves Obama is nothing more than a standard-issue politician with a gift for oratory, and not the "Triumph of the Word over Flesh" as one lefty put it.

The first defense of Barry's campaign was, to paraphrase: This is picking and choosing over 20 years of sermons.

The second defense was that Barry wasn't there when he said those things.

Third was the crazy uncle defense.

The fourth defense was that he'd said most of those things before Barry knew him (an outright fabrication when Illinois Senator Dick Durbin said it).

The fifth was, well, the man shouldn't be questioned because he's a Biblical scholar and a former Marine-which is laughable, considering the Bible I read tends to tell me to bless my neighbor, not to ask for God to damn him because he happens to have white skin. Maybe Rev. Wright's is one of those more vernacular translations that I tend to eschew.

The sixth was that Rev. Wright does not shout those things in private meetings (well, good, he's a phony then?)

Seventh, we got today, a multi-pronged defense: First, it went, the Reverend preaches in a manner not unfamiliar to black Americans, so you white folks just don't understand, either because you're white or stupid.

Second, his statements are controversial but need to be said. Because everyone knows that AIDS is a product of whitey.

Third, Reverend Wright is no different to Senator Barry than his grandmother, who once admitted she was afraid of blacks. Naturally, my response: You can pick your nose and you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family.

So what does it all mean? What it means is this: Barry Obamessiah is just a man, an ambitious man. In the 1980s, when he was picking a church, he picked one that would help him climb the ladder of Chicago politics, one that would make him more acceptable to the community he was trying to 'organize.' He can no more abandon Wright than Hillary could Bill-not and still be politically viable in the Democratic party. For all his rhetoric about hope, unity and change, it reveals that Barry Obamessiah is indeed a coward who can't break away from the victim ideology, from the figures of division, from the same old identity politics.

And, judging by the responses he's gotten from within his base of support, the things that Jeremiah Wright has said, the vulgar, disgusting, hate-filled bile that came out of his mouth for over 20 years, years that included Barry's baptism, marraige, and raising his children, they agree with the Reverend-and, one assumes, Barry Obamessiah-one hundred percent.

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