Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In the Sprit of the Easter Story....

Crucify him, Jim Hood. Crucify him.

About this time four years ago, our Intrepid Attorney General and State Rube was determined to set an example for those who would violate the sanctity of our state's campaign finance laws. Apparently, while he, Eric Clark, and Mike Moore wasted our state's resources investigating Jeremy Martin, he somehow missed all the shenanigans going on down the street in the Governor's mansion regarding the Reaper and the Speekah's beef plant.

So, go ahead, Samson. Crucify him. Maybe this time you'll set that example you were looking so hard for. After all, a well-off lawyer and former governor makes a much better example than school teacher. Maybe, one of these days, if they throw you enough BP fastballs, you'll hit one out of the park. Or does this one have to wait another 36 years for you to take a swing at it?

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