Monday, March 31, 2008

Barry Messiah on the View

The Obamessiah graced the ladies of the View recently; I'll take people's word on it as I missed it. But, naturally, he reverted back to justifications numbers one and two: I didn't hear it and it was an isolated incident anyway. Judging by these excuses, his 'not particularly controversial' church was attended very sparsely by the Obamessiah and his children.

Then he went into his 2004 Democratic Convention speech: About there not being a red or blue America, no black, white, Asian, Latino America, no rich or poor America, but the United States of America. When he was pressed about it, and the contrast with his pastor's words, it turns out that, well, he didn't really mean that; he meant it was what we should aspire to, despite the actual wording of his speech.

Does this guy ever say what he means? Are we mere mortals just too stupid to get everything that he says? Are we too simple to understand the actions of our future lord and savior when he talks about unity and change and hope, when he's plainly associated with the most divisive, putrid, and reactionary parts of the far left? Perhaps when he ascends into heaven we'll be granted divine understanding.

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