Monday, March 17, 2008

If I May Channel My Personal Hero, Ricky Bobby...

Dear 8 pound 11 ounce baby Jesus...

Please, please, please let the Golden Boy successfully obtain the state Democratic Chairmanship.

There is nothing I'd love better than to watch Jere Nash, the Kossacks, the JFP, Howard Dean, and the national Democratic party squirm as Jamie Franks screams, pounds, threatens, and spikes the podium for them for a term. After all, the Clarion-Ledger comments section has already begun filling with Democrats (strategically?) questioning his Democratic bona fides due to his (purely hyperbolic) statements on God, guns and gays.

Folks, there is no one more Democrat than Jamie Franks. He is loyal to the Democrats to a fault. He passionately hates the Republican party, everything it stands for and everyone in it. And that's about the end of his positives for them. He's combative, mean, short-tempered, and an easy target for folks like me who love to point out the differences between his public persona and his personal actions. There's his diarrhea of the mouth, and his penchant for threatening to whip the ass of anyone who gets in his way. Plus, he won't go on Gallo. He absolutely refuses to, which is a positive of Wayne Dowdy. At least he gave us a view of life on whatever Fantasy Island he was living on twice a month.

It seems that he just can't get out of Bill Wheeler's shadow, as well. If you'll remember, Wheeler was pounded by Roger Wicker in the 1994 election to replace Jamie Whitten. Following that, he left House District 19 (where his successor was-shocking!-his current law partner, one James R. Franks Jr.) and became the state Democratic party chairman.

We here at the Spot certainly welcome the effort of Mr. Franks to lead the Democratic party. We're sure it'll be a train wreck on the level of...well, his disasterous campaign for Lt. Governor, in which he proved that he has a political tin ear and a lack of polish, not to mention falling for the 'crime issue' rope-a-dope that our current Lt. Governor put on him. Politics ain't checkers, it's chess.

So good luck. I'm waiting with baited breath for this one. I feel a claim of the day revival coming on...

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