Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jim Hood opposes Legal Fees Bill

In other shocking news, bank robbers support repealing laws against bank robbery. What's next, a Kennedy opposed to Designated Drivers?

Raise your hand, class, if you were expecting anything else. Without the money he funnelled to, I mean, was awarded to his criminal, I mean, legal advisors, is he the Attorney General and State Rube today? Is he living in a nice house in Crossgates or is he in a shack in Houston that looks more like mine? Is he getting his hair cut at a nice salon or is he getting it done at home with a flowbee? Come to think of it, I think the answer to that one's pretty obvious.

No, Samson is opposed to cutting of his political benefactors from what's looking more and more like a quid pro quo arrangement, and a circle of I pay you-you pay me-we pay the judges. I wonder if the man actually realizes how close he is right now to a bunch of guys who are rolling faster than those Minnesota lumberjacks on ESPN. Funny for a man whose cultivated image is of a guy quick to jump on any crime or slight toward the common man that he's been so slow to to do just that in this case.

I guess if they'd been accused of bribing a judge against one of his political buddies, though, he'd have jumped on them with both feet, thrown them in jail, and then bragged about 'setting an example' with the prosecution.

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