Monday, November 5, 2007

We Report, You Laugh Hysterically

I know this morning there was lots of crying from the Franks people.

--Us here at the Tank, last night, upon reading the CL's endorsement of Phil Bryant

The best parody is self-parody. When I predicted weeping and nashing of teeth from the Franks people, I thought that they'd at least do it in private, and not dare the state's preeminent political journalist (change your adult diaper, Minor-I'm not talking about you) to publish a critical, rambling, whiny letter in his blog. Yet today, we find that they didn't take it near as well as I thought they might. See Sid Salter's blog entry today:

We've said for a long time the Franks campaign was in trouble. The main problem with the Franks camp, in my mind, has always been Mr. Franks; but apparently the whole darn group of them is outside of their minds when it comes to critical press coverage, which they've had so very little of during the campaign. If there was any way that the Clarion Ledger could justify endorsement of a Democrat, they'd do it. The problem was that the more Mr. Franks opened his mouth ("Crime is not a real issue," "My clients weren't guilty," "I can't recall that case," "I don't know anything about that," "He won't debate me," "Queers," "Whip your ass," etc) the less people liked him.

It's apparent the candidate surrounded himself with a bunch of people who thought the same way that he does: That power can be achieved through bullying, harrassment, and ruthlessness. The letter Sid published in his blog today reflects that perfectly. We've seen that here on this blog, as well:

Allow me, if I may be so bold, as to impart to you a tale of rancid putrid desperation at its finest. This is a story, not about Mr. Franks, but about a man obsessed with him—the chronicle of *REDACTED*—an effete *REDACTED* driven to madness by his hatred for Mr. Franks.My point is this, *REDACTED*: If a you have such loathing in your heart for one man (Mr. Franks), and such a yearning deep in your loins for another (Jeremy Martin)—should you be allowed to continue *REDACTED* of our fine state?

And if you missed that, what about this:

...your utter cowardice when asked to account for your own identity, let alone whatever might be wrong with it...If you’re so ashamed of the man you’ve become that you can’t even handle signing your work, a skill that even most kindergarteners seem to have mastered, then clearly your problems extend far beyond any threat I could make....Please do me a favor and call him up on his cell phone (REDACTED) or at REDACTED (REDACTED), call up REDACTED

So this isn't something new, Sid. This is something that's been going on for some time and is probably not going to change anytime soon. I'm glad to have company amongst those who have been harrassed, libeled, cussed and cajoled by the Franks people. You join me, Jeremy Martin, JT and Dave, Paul Gallo, Mark DuVall, Donnie Epps, and countless others. We'll invite you to the club meeting sometime. You'll enjoy it.

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