Monday, November 5, 2007

An Update From College View Drive

Rumor around the coffee shops in Lee County has incoming Superintendant Mike Scott keeping outgoing super Johnny Green on as a 'consultant.' I'm sure the folks in Lee County appreciate keeping a retiring employee on the payroll. Heck, we pay for two Speakers in the state House of Representatives-why not pay for two Superintendants of Education in Lee County?

Of course, Mr. Green-whom we affectionately refer to as 'Slimy' here-played Hamlet with his qualifying papers until the filing deadline passed, keeping many who would have run to replace him from filing-except, of course, for Mike Scott, the principal of Shannon High School.

Mr. Green's most prominent success was getting a school bond issue passed-one which, of course, was tilted heavily toward the North Lee Attendance Zone, a/k/a Saltillo and Guntown schools (of which he was the head principal for many years). 7 of the 10 projects were slated for that attendance zone, with two headed to the Shannon Attendance Zone and one to the Mooreville Attendance Zone. In fact, an alternate project for Mooreville was a new cafeteria. I'm sure the teachers there-who were sharing classrooms all over the facility while just four teachers at Saltillo were doing the same-just loved the idea of a getting a new cafeteria.

But hey, I'm sure the Lee County School Board will love having him around for a few more years and probably a good chunk of his old salary. Because heck, if one superintendant is good...two MUST be GREAT!

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