Saturday, November 3, 2007

A Parody

No, not one that we've done here, but the Franks campaign as we wind it down. Seriously, the dirtiest of the dirty campaigners complaining about dirty campaigning? What's next, the mob complaining that too many of their guys are getting their legs broken and dropped off bridges with cement shoes on?

If you don't want people to talk about your defending drug dealers...well, don't defend them. Or tell them to plead not guilty. Pretty simple.

And all the 'first day of the legislature' claims? Too much. I couldn't have come up with better myself. Heck, why don't you just go ahead and tell 'em you want to impeach Barbour-because we know that's the ultimate goal.

And to top it all off, the 'defender of our culture and heritage' went to Greenwood and telling the same group that Jim Hood basically told to commit voter fraud that your opponent is scared. My question is, why are you having to tell folks who are predisposed to vote for you that the opposition is scared? I'm sure the real fear is those same folks won't show for a couple of monochromatic trial lawyers-one of whom made it a point in 2003 to talk about how he defended the state flag. Of course, he also made a point to refer to his last two opponents as a 'kid' and a 'queer.'

It is hard, when you've built an image as a street fighting tough guy, to cry foul when the other guy hits back. Maybe he's not so tough after all.

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