Thursday, October 18, 2007

Davy's At It Again

Naturally, he had words for that mean old racist Haley Barbour on his blog today, regarding illegal immigration (you know, the kind where they break the law and stuff), but strangely, nothing for Eaves and Franks on their continued gay bashing.

Nice of Davy to take a week off during the Hood/Cowboys laugher, the Espy/Xavier endorsement, and the Great Debate Debate and not address anything but the Inate Racism of the People Who Disagree With Him.

Also, Davy thinks that curbing illegal immigration could hurt the economy. Yeah, because the inevitable tax increases that the tax swap will force upon us won't hurt a bit. And all those pesky right to work laws we have? We really don't need 'em.

Besides, the economy already sucks and we should elect John Edwards president to enact universal health care, right? Because we know that when that happens, all the illegals will just head back to Mexico instead of becoming free riders on the system.

Reality, meet Dave. Dave, reality.

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