Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Voltaire (Supposedly) Was Right

Voltaire supposedly said, "Show me who you can't criticize, and I'll show you who rules you." While I'm not enough of a French Enlightenment scholar to tell you if he actually did say that, I do believe that's generally true.

Which brings me to HB1523, the favorite whipping boy of the state press. Remember that the bill carved out religious beliefs that were to be respected by the state, and could be used as a defense?  And that the press got the vapors from the mere idea that people might need protections from the government telling their churches what they could and could not preach and believe in?

(Never mind that the federal government has a similar law.  I can hear them now-"But it wasn't meant to protect Christians!" they cry.  Yeah, wipe your tears with the 14th Amendment.)


This is where they're going.  You didn't really think it was all about who could use which toilet, did you?

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