Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Today's Bit of Media Hypocrisy

Bobby Harrison of the Daily Journal has an article about the confluence between interest groups and legislators. 

You can read it here, and conspiracies abound.

I will be interested to see if Mr. Harrison will also be doing a piece on what influenced Attorney General Jim Hood's decision to forgo his constitutional and statutory duty to defend the laws of Mississippi in the courts. I also will not be holding my breath while doing so. 

I will remind everyone that if any other elected official in the state refused to do his or her duty, Jim Hood would have thrown a library's worth of books at them. And he would be lauded for doing so by the press in our state. But he's Jim Hood, and they're the Mississippi press corps, so I will leave you with a bit of wisdom from ages ago:

He who expects little, is never disappointed.

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