Sunday, July 10, 2016

Oh ESPN...

As I was driving yesterday, I was listening to one of ESPN's numerous talking head radio shows. I can't remember the hosts names, which tells me how deep on the bench they are. One of the things they were pontificating on was Carmelo Anthony's decision to speak out in regards to the recent spate of officer-involved shootings.

The two hosts stated that it was nice to hear an athlete using his celebrity to speak out on social issues. And how great it was that he was using the platform for social change. And how more athletes needed to speak out on societal issues.

And then the wham line.

"No matter what their view."

Hold up. Hang on. Stop. Wait just one freaking minute.

ESPN has given any sports figure who holds a worldview that is not in line with the coastal elite a beating since they've gone full-on social justice warrior. Mike Wallace, Curt Schilling, Chris Brussard, Matt Birk-all got raked over the coals by ESPN due to their beliefs. They've gone so far as to give a courage award to Bruce Jenner, in a year when a college basketball player played through a brain tumor and an amputee combat vet won marathons. They've turned an Entertainment and Sports Programming Network into the Entirely Social Justice Network.

Do not tell me that you want people speaking out "no matter their beliefs."

Mr. Schilling was unavailable for ESPN to get his comment. I assume he was busy picking his jaw up off of the floor.

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