Tuesday, October 20, 2015

42...Strangely, Not the Answer to Everything

I'm perplexed that it's even come to this.

It's pretty obvious to anyone who's watched the 42 debate that the main purpose of the initiative is not to fund schools (with no budget cuts or tax increases, y'all!!!!) but to fund the Ronnie Musgrove Betterment Fund, and the Trial Lawyers.  At least to anyone who isn't a 42 supporter or a Clarion-Ledger writer-but I repeat myself.

Seriously, when Sid Salter is writing articles BEGGING people not to vote on 42, how much more of a red flag do you need?  I could go into all his reasons, but he puts it really well.  It is a straight up violation of the separation of powers, and creating an education czar (as if we don't have enough!) in the Hinds County courts.

Vote against 42.  Both 42s.

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