Saturday, December 5, 2009

Bennie Thompson being investigated?

I don't know if I would even know it if I wasn't a regular reader of Hot Air. The Cryin' Liar has nothing on the front page, and if any of their writers has blogged on it, that's news to me. The McCoy Journal is no better. I guess shaking down credit card companies for 15 grand in campaign donations-while threatening them from his position as Homeland Security Chairman-isn't newsworthy at all.

The sad thing is that Sid Salter has a blog up right now that is bemoaning the coverage of Tiger Woods' love life over the economy, the wars, and all the other apocalyptic news. And while I'm sick of Tiger talk myself, can't one of you guys be spared from the bar at Hal and Mal's to ask some questions, or is that too much to ask?

They seem to want to make all my "Congressman-for-Life" jokes come true.

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Doloroso said...

I haven't even seen a Mississippi publication carry an AP version of the story. WLBT knows about it because one of their reporters sent a tweet about it, but I haven't seen them do a story on it yet (but they may have and I just missed it).